Music Direct First Listen: Avid Pulsus – Super Sweet!

Take a lifetime knowledge in analog, assemble a product with nothing but the best quality parts, and offer it at a down-to-earth price, and you have the all-new Pulsus from Avid. The second in an ever-growing line of electronics announced earlier this year by Conrad Mas, the Pulsus is the newest benchmark preamp under $2K by this distinguished manufacturer.

A two-piece phono preamp that is a fraction of the size of their landmark Pulsare stage, the Pulsus is anything but puny.  With a generous base output of 48dB and a blazing 70dB for the most low of low output MC cartridges, flexible impedance & capacitance settings, and a well-designed outboard power supply, the Pulsus is a real winner for anyone seeking a stage that provides an exciting level of musicality, free of the mush that sometimes permeates other pre’s in this price range.

And what do we think of it?  We asked Chris Barry for his take after auditioning it at home:

“Wonderful! A very quiet phono stage with an inky-black background…the gain makes for a fast, detailed sound that’s more dynamic than any other pre that I’ve heard in its price range…effortless , very open…it plays way above its price tag. A great value”

By the way, he ended up buying one!

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